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Rabu, 12 Oktober 2016

GYOZA BAR - Central Park

If you guys followed and saw my Snapchat (@jktdelicacy) last weekend, I went to Francis Bakery at Mall Taman Anggrek for a private baking class with a few foodies. I had so much fun baking my own bread. Later after that, I walked to Central Park and had my late lunch here at Gyoza Bar! A newly September opened restaurant by Midtown Group in Tribeka Park. Its a fushion Japanese restaurant serving a lot varities of Japanese food, from Gyoza, Salad, Sushi, Udon, Rice Bowl, and many others.

The inside is like a colorful playground with fun theme.

Outdoor seatings area

The Bar here is great when you come here just for drinking

The stair to the second floor, well its not really a second floor. Its like a 1/2 floor with a few tables.

The cute menu book

Started off with their SUMO SALAD BOWL which consists of Baby Romaine lettuce, grilled teriyaki chicen, shredded carrot, sweet corn and ginger soy dressing. I really love salad and I always think about salad as the easiest food to make at home. But then, it never really happens lol. Finding the fresh ingredients are not as easy as I thought. This one at Gyoza Bar was really fresh, undoubtedly very healthy and clean. I love tomato cherry on a salad because its crunchy and slightly sour. The teriyaki chicken was so tender and moist with the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce.

Another appetizer that you can try is their Pork Belly Bun! The Bun was soft and sweet with spicy pork belly. It was very delicious, but the pork skin was too tough to chew.

Its not GYOZA BAR without having some Gyoza. This is MEXICAN CHICKEN GYOZA (39K) - minced chicken, mozzarella, jalapeno and chopped coriander leaf. There's actually soy sauce for the dipping, its just not in the picture. It was pretty tasty actually with a hint of spicy from the Jalapeno.

For the sushi menu, we tried GEISHA ROLL (75K) - Rice Paper for the skin, spicy salmon, tempura flake, tobiko, avocado, and cucumber with green oil. This was really fresh from the combination of smooth salmon and fresh ingredients. When you bite it, its slightly crunchy and not overly seasoned which is great so that we can really taste all the flavors from the mixed ingredients.

For the main course, we tried BUDDAH JUMPING (75), not sure about that name :p But this is certainly an interesting dish. A big wooden block with vegetable tempuras, sweet tofu skin stuffed with sweet corn, mushroom and rice, vegetarian gyoza, pickle, avocado and kimchi, wakame and miso soup. Its nice to have these assorted dishes so you can try a little bit here and there. The tempura was sweet, the gyoza was unique and fresh, the kimchi adds a hint of sour to neutralize the others mixed flavors. Love it.

The Vegetable Gyoza

Avocado & Kimchi Salad

For desserts, we tried SILKY TOFU (39K) - super smoooooth almond pudding with salted caramel and crumble. Its really hard to describe flavor, because its very unique. I've never had a pudding like this because you can't really tell the flavor. The texture was so soft, smooth and watery like it melts perfectly in your mouth. Recommended!


Tribeca Park GF, Central Park Mall

Average Spending for two: IDR 300.000

RVSP: 021.29201125




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