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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2016

SANTORINI PARK - Hua Hin, Thailand

Finally after 3 weeks coming back home to Jakarta, I could finally write a post about Santorini Park, Thailand. I had been wanting to visit here ever since I saw a few bloggers came here. But a lot of people still don't know what is the original Santorini, even my family! Santorini Park is definitely inspired by the real Santorini in Greece, Europe. Santorini is quite popular for the all white structures on the edge of the hills just front facing the blue ocean. And here in Thailand, they copy the same idea! So, here's my experience!

Santorini Park is located at Hua Hin, which is approximately 180+ Km from Bangkok City in Thailand. We actually rented a car with a driver for our whole trip in Thailand, and apparently we got his contact from our cousins. So, I believe we paid less than normally rented car in Bangkok. Since Hua Hin is out of Bangkok, we negotiated for 3000 Bath (IDR 1.550.000) although at the end of that day, we paid more for him 3500 Bath. 1 Bath is equal to around IDR 385,-. Normally, the standart cost is 4000 Bath.

To be honest, I really have no time to edit all these photos. So, I just posted all raw photos uneditted. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. Anyway, the entrance fee for this theme park is 150 Bath / IDR 57.000, quite cheap right. But there's nothing you can play here because you have to pay again for each show inside of the theme park. Well, at least you can take photos of the white wall and the ferris wheel!

This is my lovely sister, my super best friend :)

This Hounted House needs extra paid ticket. Not sure how much, but I brought my 3 yo nephew here, he's scared of zombie so that won't possible to bring him inside.

The famous ferris wheel

Well actually, 13 September 2016 was my 1st wedding anniversary! And we didn't plan to celebrate it here in Thailand because it was just coincidence that we had a trip here with my family. So, here's a flower for her that I borrowed from a shop LOLOLOL!

Entrance to the toilet

The toilet looks like a Seaworld with blue wall all over the room

There was this iced coffee float from a mini coffee corner. I love thai coffee! Its sweet, strong, bold but very refreshing.

This is the interior of a restaurant that we visited for lunch. Surprisingly, everything was cheap here. Most of them are rice menus!

The food were unbelievably good especially the grilled chicken in thai herbs rice (photo number 2) was damn sick delicious as F*** lol

This post is kinda messed up, I'm really sorry. I didn't edit all those photos, just probably 60% of them. Its not really a review of Santorini Park, its more like my family photos :p But well, if you enjoyed it, thanks so much! Hope you like it.



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