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Senin, 26 September 2016


Kemang is one of the places that we rarely visit due to its 'exclusivity'. We happened to visit here at Parc 19 Bistro & Terrace which is strategically located at Jalan Taman Kemang, the heart and the front most of Kemang Raya. Glad that there's a place for us to have some great food and nice lounge music here. I personally found that the ambience here was very warm and homy. Let's take a look on the interior

As you can see from the top picture, the indoor area is super spacious and I really mean huge! The restaurant itself has been running for 4 years now and they keep changing the menu every 3 months to follow the market's interest. But they also keep their best selling menus ever since they started the business. This time, we were glad to be able to taste some of their existing menus as well as two new menus coming this October 2016.


So they have this additional room on the back (behind the Bar) which was previously a swimming pool when this place was still a house. It is spacious and is intended for a special purpose room or for a big group of people. They also open this area on weekend night for a special performance like DJ. The room is kinda like a warehouse or garage with the wall inspired by truck's rear door.

This is their semi outdoor area, but its actually covered with clear glass on the top. Its a bit warm in the afternoon because of the outside heat, but after around 4 pm in the afternoon, its gonna be cooler. They have portable air conditioners actually, so if you really need it they will turn on for you :) The plants here make it like we are in an actual garden, very green.

This is the bar area, its quite long with lots of vodka and liquor on the wall.

They have tons of great selections of cocktails, wines and beers. If you are here, you definitely have to try at least 1 liter of beer :p It tastes great even for both of us who don't normally drink beer.


This is one of their recommended cocktail: Berry Madness. Its a combination of Ketel One vodka, Limoncello liquor, Bacardi, Strawberry and Passion Fruit. The overall flavor was sweet, slightly sour, a little bit warm from the alcohol but still very refreshing! I would love to drink two glasses of that! Their presentation was very unique with fresh passion fruit on top and burning flame from the vodka.

They also have some great selections of mocktails and juices. I tried Saint Banana (50k) and Lucy tried Strawberry Sunshine (50k). Both were great!


For the weekend (Saturday & Sunday), they have some great breakfast options starting from 8 AM in the morning! I tried this smoked salmon and poached egg in hallandaise sauce with two sliced brioche, grilled tomato and mixed salad. The smoked salmon was not too salty, the egg with the hallandaise sauce was really creamy. This kind of brioche is really new to me, its similar to Bagelen bread (normally in a bakery shop). Its crunchy and its cracking when you bite it. So, some may like it and some may not like it, its about preferences.


This new menu will be available from October 2016. Its a baguette sandwich with deep fried popcorn shrimp, squid and fish with sour cocktail dressing, finished with torched cheddar cheese on top. Its huge actually and the amount of seafood was so generous! The potato is a simple handcut homemade potato.


This is also their new October 2016 menu! A middle eastern inspired marinated beef and chicken with vegetables on skewers, served over basmati rice, topped with onion salsa. The grilled skewers were soo fragrant like I loved to smell it. The rice was slightly salty and also very fragrant, I can totally have this for lunch or dinner. The onion salsa was too sour for my liking, so its between you gonna like it or you hate it. But, its an option anyway, you can have the skewers as is without the salsa mayo.


Of all the dishes that we tried here, this BBQ Back Ribs is THE BEST! And I really mean the best like the most delicious one. Its a 600 gram super tender, juicy and succulent ribs with big fries, salad and homemade mushroom sauce. The bbq marinated ribs itself was already great but when you dip it into the mushroom sauce it was totally amazing. Hands down to the chef, very recommended!


Last but not least, desserts! This is the very recommended Nutella Rolled Puff. Basically, its a soft puff pastry filled with hot melted nutella accompanied with homemade salted cream sorbet in a single espresso. Yes you read it right, its a small cup of pure espresso with salted cream sorbet float. So when you dip the puff into the espresso, you'll taste mix flavors from sweet, creamy, coffee and salty all together. The amount of nutella was super generous like a lot! Even if it looks small on the picture, it is actually too much for one person, so better share it with your friends :)

[SUMMARY] Overall, its a great place to hang out, its a great place to have some drinks. The food were great especially the Ribs! I can imagine saturday night here with some live performance accompanied by good food and great ambience.


Jalan Taman Kemang No. 19, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours:
- Monday - Friday: 11:00 - Late Night
- Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - Late Night

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000 - 500.000

Phone: 021-7199988




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