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Kamis, 22 September 2016


I want to write a quick review here as this is just a small Gelato outlet in Bandung. We had a visit here on 18 September 2016, right after we checked out from our stay. It is located in the city center, so its pretty close to our hotel. The outlet itself is an open space area and has very few tables and seats on the first and the second floors. Let's check out more!

There are 4 sizes to choose: small, medium, large, and extra large. Small 15k, medium (2 scoops) 25k, large (4 scoops) 45k, and for the extra large I forgot about the scoops and the price. I picked the medium size with cup and Lucy picked the medium size with cone which is an extra 3k.

There are more than 15 flavors here but there is one front row that they classify the flavors as Premium flavors. These flavors are excluded from the normal pricing that I mentioned earlier. We did not really understand either, but Lucy asked for Pistachio and Baileys but since these two are premium flavors, she couldn't mix it on the medium size cup (2 scoops). The options are either pay extra bucks or you can only pick 1 premium flavor for the medium size cup. That sounds really weird I know, because we normally pick whatever flavors for the same price anywhere else.

We went to the second floor which is a temporary floor made out of truck trailer box. There are two sofas in the indoor (2nd floor) and a few short chairs on the long shared table. Its really petite and narrow, so don't expect to come in group of more than 5 people. They also have the outdoor area on the second floor which is connecting to the second floor of another building. The Gelato outlet is actually shared with a Photo Studio called Papirus If I'm not mistaken.

Here's an illustration when you come in group

Lucy tried the Milkyway and Berry Sorbet in a cone. The Milkyway is a typical milk flavored gelato and the berry sorbet was really sour. Not particularly fond of these two combinations, the berry flavor is my least favorite.

Meanwhile, I tried the Bubble Gum and Red Bull in a cup. The cup is really small and that affects the scoop size of the gelato. Even though we both ordered the medium size, mine in cup is wayyyy smaller than Lucy's in a cone. The bubble gum flavor was really strong, while for the Red Bull flavor, I really forgot how it tasted! The Bubble Gum's flavor was just overpowering the Red Bull one. But overall, I loved my combinations.

It was raining when we were here.

My UGG Shoes :p 

They have a Selfie competition that you might want to participate. Overall, We love the Gelato, We love the price, its just the 'Premium Flavors' that for us a bit annoying.


Jalan Bengawan No.29, Cihapit, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung 40114

Opening Hours:
- Weekdays: 12:00 - 20:00
- Weekend: 10:00 - 20:00

Phone: 0857-9797-9191




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