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Rabu, 21 September 2016

THE LARDER AT 55 - Bandung

On our second day at Bandung (18 September 2016), we had our breakfast at the hotel in Aryaduta. Then, we checked out a bit late and had our lunch here at The Larder @55! I knew this cafe from a recommendation by one of my reader on Instagram. And its relatively close to our Hotel. So, here's our review of The Larder @55.

Its located not too far from the city center btw. And we were actually from Let's Go Gelato, just 600 meters from this cafe. The interior is pretty much like any other coffee shops with coffee machine and cakes & pastries displayed behind the glass. They have tons of menus to dine in from sandwich, burger, pasta, steak to rice menus.

I didn't really take much photos from their room, so here's one that I can show you :p There are two floors actually, the second floor is kinda small. The first floor has an outdoor area.


First drink, hot cappucinno! Just like any other good Cappucinno, have no complaint about it :) The glass is slightly smaller than normal coffee cup but that's not really significant. I am actually a fan of cold served coffee but somehow cold / iced coffee doesn't not look good on camera :p Cappucinno on the other hand is prettier especially with the art on the top. I don't normally mix the coffee, I just sip it and let the art dissolves by itself.

Since we had a lot of food in Bandung, Lucy decided to pick the healthy drink. She ordered Detox juice (45k) which is a combination of Orange and Carrot, CMIIW. I can tell that its really fresh and authentic juice from real fruits because its sour from the orange.


I am a big fan of Pesto and any pasta with pesto is always be my favorite. I ordered this spaghetti pesto with breaded chicken and it came in a pretty plating with some buttered bread and thin sliced cheese. Unfortunately, the pasta was too firm and I can confirm that it wasn't al dente but more too uncooked. I asked Lucy to try it and she confirmed the same stuff.

So I decided to ask for a new one and their response was surprisingly very attentive. They apologized and took it to the kitchen. It just took around 10 minutes and the new pasta was ready on my table. They even asked me to try it first just to make sure it was cooked properly. I was really happy with their service and I really mean it. Bravo for the service! The chicken was a bit bland for me, maybe some hot sauce would be better.


Lucy loves Salmon and She thought that this dish gonna be fried rice with Salmon separated. But then, the Salmon came in small chuncks which is what I expected in a Salmon Fried Rice. The portion was really huge like bigger than my normal food portion. Flavor wise, it was good but I can't say its the best one because I expected more from it.

The outdoor area is actually more spacious than the indoor, but its really hot in the afternoon. Unless you want to smoke, indoor is preffered! By the time we arrived which was lunch time, the second floor was almost fully occupied by a group of teenagers who celebrated one's birthday. So, we ended up sitting on the first floor indoor near the kitchen and toilet :p But its fine :)

[SUMMARY] Its a really nice place to hang out, to sip some coffee or to have you lunch or dinner. I love the ambience here despite the overall disappointment by the taste of the food. The service was excelent and if you come here for some drinks, then its a great place!


Jalan Gandapura No. 55, Bandung

Average Spending for two: IDR 250.000

Phone: 022-20510406




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