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Jumat, 16 September 2016

CHOCOLATE VILLE - Bangkok, Thailand

For the first time in my blogging career, this is the very first post that none of the photos are edited. If you've read my story on Instagram today 16 September 2016, you'll understand why. Here's also my very first time reviewing a trip in Thailand. Me and my whole family (minus my dad) travelled to Thailand (again) for the first time after 16-17 years we went here. I was like a 12-13 yo kids at that time and we visited a few cities by travel tour. This time we went here by renting an SUV car. So, this is my story at Chocolate Ville, Hua Hin, Thailand

Chocolate Ville is located outside of Bangkok city, Its probably like the Tangerang or Bekasi from jakarta :p We were using a rented car with a driver to bring all 7 of us. The trip took us in less than an hour and the traffic was really good.

Chocolate Ville might sound like a theme park with chocolate theme, like chocolate colored house, chocolate specialist restaurant and stuff. But the fact is that this is just a family recreational area without having related to chocolate at all! There's a man made river here dividing two parts of the area: the entrance part and the eating / restaurant area.

The front most entrance has some kind of kids themed playground, kids are gonna love it. But once you enter the main area, all you see is the canal / river, old structure buildings and the restaurant.

This is the lighthouse on the front gate. You can go up and take a selfie like those people in frame :p I was lazy to climb the stairs, so no picture from the top.

This is the main bridge connecting the entrance area with the restaurant area.

So, we had dinner at around 5 PM which was still bright. Around 30-40 minutes later a few tour groups coming and the place was turning crowded. The restaurant was full so we were lucky to arriver earlier.

Their signature dish is this Pork Knuckle. It was really tempting like almost all tables here ordered this dish. One portion costs 420 Bath = IDR 160.000, still acceptable considering its a public area. The meat was tender and thick, the skin was crispy and salty. The sauce was spicy and sweet. The dish comes with a kind of sticky rice like nasi lemper.

This is Aglio Olio with Salmon and Chili. One portion costs 215 Bath = IDR 83.000. Still affordable right? Considering the amount of Salmon they put there. I was wondering how can a place like this serves a good food for a lower price compared to the price in most restaurants in Indonesia, especially when it is in a theme park or amusement park.

Well, the price here is excluding 10% Government tax. But normally when you are in the city, the displayed price is nett inclusive of Government tax and services.

Iced Thai Coffee (80 Bath / 30k) is a must when in Thailand! I love any kind of coffee with milk and this one was superr good! Very bold in flavor, a bit bitter but still sweet and refreshing!

This one I was not sure because my brother ordered it. A kind of puff but tougher texture with minced pork.

This Parma Ham Pizza is a MUST ORDER when you are here. Its a thin crust pizza with smoked ham on top. Its not the cheesiest pizza you'll ever find, but the smoked ham was really good. It reminds me of Tuna pizza at Akira Back, but this one is a porked ham :p One portion is 235 Bath = IDR 90.000.

Please me reminded that this park opens everyday at 4 PM until late night. So, if you wanna take a nice bright picture, make sure to come at 4 PM. And if you wanna have dinner, please come before 5 PM or otherwise, you might be waiting in line for the full packed restaurants. If you are lucky, you can get your seats just next to the river. Its somehow reminds me of Paris :)

When the day turns dark, everything looks romantic, shining and glowing. But you have to experience both the day light and the night.

Chinese tourists were a lot. You can tell from their loud voices, their language and their behavior. I'm not trying to portray all Chinese as 'negative', but it is popularly known elsewhere that Chinese tourists talk very loud, especially the elderly. And its pretty much the same whether it is in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe. I remember I was in Paris 2014 in front of Gallery Lafayette when a lot of Chinese tourists filled up the whole pedestrian. When I entered the shopping mall, there is a Tax Refund area designated for Chinese tourists and they were all spreaded the whole room, talked so loud, and even blocked the path for other customers who wanted to come in or exit from the mall. Its pretty embarrassing.

My Fujifilm X-E2 took a really good job at night and I was really impressive with the photo quality. I imagined using my old canon 60D and back then it produced blurry pictures in a low light condition.

Love beers? They have a spot designed like a sport bar especially for beer drinker.

There were some real ducks and black goose in the river!


351, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Opening Hours: 4 PM - 12 AM

Phone: 083 - 077 - 3738

Free entry

Average Spending for two : 500 - 700 Bath (IDR 200k - 300k)



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