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Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2016


Congratulation for the opening of the second outlet of Hurricane's Grill in Noble House, Lingkar Mega Kuning (Next to Oak Wood). I have been a fan of Hurricane's far before they opened up their first store in Jakarta. Their Pork Ribs is to die for! And to be honest, I have not even visited their Gunawarman branch until I came here for the newly opened second branch. At the same time of the 2nd outlet opening, they also launched The Burger Bar concept which is offering some nice selections of premium gourmet burger. We actually got the chance to witness all of their burgers on the table, so you can have a look at the actual serving before you order on the restaurant :)

The second outlet here is not as spacious as the one at Gunawarman and their interior is more casual than the first one. But even as a casual restaurant, they still serve you a 5 star services, you can tell from the hospitality, the decoration, the wine glass on the table and much more.

Btw I love my photo editing, but Lucy said its too dark. What do you think? Please drop some comments below and let me know how can I improve my editing. I really mean it :)


So, lets start from what I personally tried first. Since we got the priviledge to try anything from the menus, I picked The Sore Pocket Burger which many of my readers said a half million burger :p Yes, 555k is quite pricey for a burger but the ingredients are premium as well. They use 120 gram beef wagyu patty that they made it from premium Australian beef. Then they stack it with a perfect ready-to-burst sunny side up egg on top with grated truffles. The smell of the truffle was really tempting, its very distinctive! Don't forget the super huge Foie Gras in the middle with cheedar cheese. Its the biggest foie gras I've ever seen actually.

Honestly, I'm not really into foie gras and I'm wondering why people love it. I know its super expensive but looking at how cruel people treat the duck / goose to achieve that big liver makes me think twice. But aside from that, I don't really like the after taste of foie grass and I'm talking about generally not a specific from Hurricane's. So, for those who like Foie Grass, you must be loving this :)

This is the Foie Gras, gigantic!


Lucy picked this big stack burger! The callenger is two protein in one burger: Hurricane's pure beef patty and 150 gram deep-fried breaded chicken fillet; with melted cheese, homecooked thousand island and caramelized onion. Everything on the stack was amazingly good! The fried chicken was super crispy and juicy. The caramelized onion adds up more flavor to the burger.


Back to classic, its the simplest amongst all burgers that we tried. 100% pure beef patty topped with melted cheese with fresh salad drizzled with creamy mayonaise.


Basically its the Bigmac of Hurricane's! Two hand crafted beef patties topped with melted cheese, pickles, onion marmalade, and thousand island. Trust me, It can't go wrong!


Yes, this sounds like literally heart attack! The combination of all delicious proteins from pure beef patty, sizzling bacon, sausages, topped with sunny side up and fresh salad garnish. It was really thick like you can't bite that with your mouth big wide opened.


Crispy deep-fried breaded chicken fillet topped with runny sunny side up and smokey chipotel mayo. The chicken was super crunchy and delicious. This is actually my kind of burger, I mostly ordered McSpicy when in McDonalds and this one reminds me of that.


Most probably the cheesiest hotdog you'll ever find! Classic hotdog topped with spicy chili con carne and chili sauce, then topped with melted cheese. The side wedges was really good with lots of herbs on it.


The healthiest choice of all! Lean grilled chicken breast with fresh avocado, bacon, sunny side up, and homecooked aioli on a a bed of lettuce and tomato. 


The most classic hotdog with Hurricane's special smoked beef sausage, topped with caramelized onion, tomato sauce and mustard on a warm soft bread roll. Certainly not an ordinary classic hotdog :)


Noble House GF, Lingkar Mega Kuningan

Opening Hours:
- Sunday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM
- Friday & Saturday: 11 AM - 12 AM

Average Spending for two: IDR 400.000

Phone: (021) 50101799




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