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Senin, 10 Oktober 2016


Guys, I want to introduce you to this legendary bakery producer Sharon Bakery! They are specializing in ready-to-consume bakery since 1988! All of their breads are using natural yeast to produce a nice classic taste, yet keeping the bread longer to consume. We've got to try 5 different variants here, so let's have a look.

This is Steamed Cheese Cake! From the look you can tell that it is super soft, smooth, buttery like melting in your mouth, It is well-balanced sweet, cheesy and moist. A perfect bread for your family, kids gonna love this!

This is Steamed Cheese Cake Cookies & Cream. Aside from the similar texture with the previous Steamed Cheese Cake, this one is filled with soft cream in the middle. When you reheat it for a short time, this cream is going to be very smooth and creamy.

Marble Cake is one of my favorite cakes in the market, in fact, this is the best out of the 5 that we tried from Sharon Bakery. The sweetness, density and the buttery texture makes it a pleasant snack in the morning or afternoon.

They also have this Danish Bread with strawberry and pineapple jam in the middle. The puff was very soft, slightly crispy with a nice salty from butter and sweet from the jam. 

Overall, we love them so much and in fact, my friend has been a fan of their Steamed Cheese Cake. Anyway, you can also visit their store in Paskal Hypersquare A 51, Bandung and have some bread and even lunch or dinner on their second floor :)


Paskal Hypersquare Blok A-51, Bandung

Products are widely available at:
  • Alfamart as Paroti brand
  • Alfamidi as Sharon brand
  • Lawson
Contact: +6222 860 60 650





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