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Senin, 25 Juli 2016


Visiting Ubud is a MUST when traveling to Bali. If you follow our Instagram account, you've probably seen a lot of photos from our stay here at The Royal Casa Ganesha. Its just  around a month old at the time we visited there. FYI, we got the privilege to enjoy their Royal Suite room which is the biggest and the most luxurious room they have at the moment. There are tons of things that I can share to you here!

First of all, its located in Ubud, Bali with an estimated of 1 hour drive from Sunset Road. We drove a car ourselves to the location and its on the Google Maps anyway, so that's not gonna be a big deal if you rent a car. Traffic was really fine along the way to the destination. We managed to arrive there around 17:30 PM and it was almost dark. Well, that day 17 July 2016, we just landed from Melbourne, Australia at 13:50 PM but the baggage waiting time was insane almost an hour, damn Indonesian Airport! at 14:40 we drove to Wahaha Pork Ribs for a quick late lunch before heading to Ubud.

So here's the thing, The Royal Casa Ganesha is currently on pre-opening period in which some facilites are still under construction. But well, they are actually ready to serve you right now and we were so glad to be one of the very first guests to enjoy their property. 

Enjoyed the welcome drink, its really refreshing with ginger and traditional herbs :)

Here we come! The Royal Suite room is really spacious and it is around 70s meter in size with a living room, bath room with a bath tube, and private balcony with chairs. We were quite surprised with the honeymoon goose on the bed, its really special for us because we felt like honeymoon-ing again!

A big LED TV with selections of local and international tv channels, and its FREE! You know why we say free? Because during our trip in Melbourne, we experienced a stay with a prepaid TV where you have to pay for what you watch, wth? Like even for a news channel.

See through toilet from the bed room :) Don't worry they have the curtain to block the view :p

The room's window is THE BEST! It is facing directly to the vast paddy fields and its really green. We felt like living in a true nature with forest in front of us.

This is the beautiful view from the window. Breathtaking!

The Bath Room is another serious problem, I mean serious privilege :p  Its just toooo beautiful with huge clear glass on the side of the bath tube. We could enjoy soaking warm water here for hours while turning on some musics from our mobile phone. Seriously, its really calming, relaxing, and anything with -ing :D But we only enjoyed a few minutes of the beauty (nature) before it turned night.

A few minutes before our departure from Melbourne to Bali, we decided to buy 2 bottles of wine. Wine is considered 'The iced tea' of Aussie, like its very cheap. We bought this Penfolds 2014 375ml for only AUD$9.99 or around IDR 100.000. That's a great deal! And we enjoyed that while we were soaking on the bath tube *Happy*

Let's move on to the private balcony. It is facing towards the infinite green forest and the swimming pool. Its another 'too beautiful' words besides the bath room view. The morning view here was very fascinating and literally 'breathtaking' like you want to breath the fresh air as much as you can, especially when you hear the birds chirping one another.

So, we wanna be real here. There were like only 4 people (including 2 of us) having breakfast that morning (18 July 2016). We could understand the situation considering its a pre-opening and the chef & all the employees had serviced us all their best. And its really nice here with all the hospitality.

The buffet breakfast selections were not like any established hotels in Bali at that moment, yet. We had to pick a breakfast set menu from the menu book and the rests were available from the buffet table. Its not that much yet, some cereals, toast, juices, tea / coffee, fresh fruits and chicken porridge. That's all! And we believe that if they were only 4 of us on the breakfast room, then the remaining food would be discarded. Pretty sad right. But, that's happening to most newly opened hotel, I believe. They still have to serve the guests despite only few customers.

The breakfast room is quite spacious btw and its facing directly to the swimming pool. The view was really cool actually.

I picked the healthy bowl for my breakfast. Its a dragon fruit smoothie with fresh fruits and granola. That's not bad at all, in fact I love healthy bowl like this.

My wife (Lucy) had the omelette with spinach, bacon and sausage. Then she took some chicken porridge with the available toppings from the buffet table. Tea or coffee were served on your table. They still have some other selections of breakfast set menu from the book, but we didn't capture it :p

Swimming pool has been one of my considerations when deciding a hotel in bali. The swimming pool here is like infinite because the front view of the pool is facing towards the forest. I love it when I am swimming there's no limit to my front view and here I was totally satisfied. Its really peaceful here and it was like I'm the only person in the whole property because there was not body on the pool :)



This is Khayangan Spa building. The Spa is located just next to the hotel building, so you can enjoy Spa when you are staying here. Plus, they have a great Spa offer starting from IDR 200.000++ if you are staying here.

The Spa here has been existing for 3 years now and they offer many kinds of Spa. I personally not really familiar with Spa, but the recommendation here are Aromatherapy spa, Hot Stone spa and Traditional Baliness Spa. It was around 11:20 PM when we came to the Spa location and we had to check out (for the hotel room) at 12:00 PM.

Our choice was actually the Aromatherapy Spa which normally takes 2 hour. But then, we would like to make it shorter into 1 hour only, so that we still could have our lunch here. First of all, they asked us for the massage oil and we picked the Green Tea one.

It was really quick actually, because 1 hour was not enough :p But the room was really calming and peaceful. There was some aromatic smoke and they were turning the relaxing music while doing the spa, so we really felt like sleeping in heaven lol. It started off with foot massage and foot soaking on warm water and a little bit foot cleaning actually. Then, they massaged all over our body from the back to the front. The leg massage was the best part for me, its like loosing the tension of my legs. They bent some part of the body professionally and that's really great! I wish I could have the 2 hour spa :(

Well, we were looking so glowing from face to legs, and our skin were reviving again after more than 10 days being dry from super cold winter in Australia. Thanks Khayangan Spa, we really loved our skin :D


Far before the hotel was built, they already have a Bamboe Koening restaurant which is a local inspired restaurant with bamboo as the building structure. Its an eco friendly structure surrounded by green environment. Unfortunately, at the time of our arrival, it was just started under new construction / maintenance. So, our lunch was moved to their breakfast spot.

We were not really sure about the lunch menu here, but thanks to the owner of the hotel and the restaurant's chef, they served us with their lunch recommendation. And these menus will be available on Bamboe Koening restaurant once it is finished.

Their mocktails were really refreshing.

This is the first appetizer which is wrapped veggie with some kind of Lumpia skin (wonton skin), served with Baliness sambal terasi. don't worry its not spicy, at least for us.

This is Nasi Goreng (chicken fried rice) with fried egg, chicken satay and crackers. Its just different from jakarta's fried rice :) But its still really good.

The first day in bali, we right away visited Wahaha Pork Ribs for its Fried Duck. And here in The Royal Casa Ganesha, we got to try the Chef's own Fried Duck with rice and veggie. Whats unique about this Fried Duck is that the Chef used the duck's thigh all the way down to the feet :p If you are used to eat chicken feet in Chinese restaurant, then this must be very familiar with you. So, its either you like it or you hate it. So, lets see if the Chef gonna put this on their upcoming new menu :)

This is the 3 kinds pasta from Al-Fredo, aglio olio with basil, to carbonara. The creamy Al-Fredo was really good, I would love to have one big portion of that for lunch.

This is the beef burger with cheedar cheese and black bun. Well, we both were really full of all the food above. So, we offered this burger to the General Manager which was also with us together. He is a very nice person and he invited us for a quick tour around the property, including a big unfinished room which was supposed to be a multi-function hall.


Jl.Raya Lodtunduh no. 88
Lodtunduh, Ubud – Bali – Indonesia

Rsvp: +623618493575




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