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Kamis, 28 Juli 2016

TOP PADDOCK - Richmond, Melbourne

My friend who is living in Melbourne picked us from the hotel and drove us to here, Top Paddock. This is one of the most talked about Coffee Shop in Melbourne. In the morning, it was fully packed with customers either in indoor and outdoor. Since it was winter when we came there, they had outdoor heater near our seats, so it still felt warm outside. Lets talk about the food.

I am a fan of western food and Aussie brunch is my new favorite food. I am a typical health conscious person, so I really pick what I am about to eat. Aussie brunch menus are very very me, like I love the combination of fresh veggies, fruits and pastries. Lately I'm in love with toast based dishes and its really common in Australia especially during breakfast or brunch time. Plus, hot coffee in the morning is the perfect energy boost for me. So, Top Paddock, you get my heart :D

HOT CAPUCINNO - A$4 / IDR 40.000

Coffee drink in Australia is very varies from simple black coffee, cappuccino, cold press to tons of unfamiliar names to me. The prices are even ranging from as low as $3 to $10, which is crazy if you drink a coffee that expensive. Normally black coffee or cappuccino is only $3.5 - $4, but if you opt for iced one, that can be additional $0.5 - $2.0 not sure why.

I've tried a few cappuccinos in Australia from Sydney to Melbourne, and I can conclude that their standard is pretty consistent, in a good way. The Cappuccino here in Top Paddock was thick but not overly bitter and sour, so my wife could still enjoy it. While in Jakarta, many times you can find like a 'supermarket' kinda cappuccino in a restaurant, or a super bitter and sour one in a coffee shop.

PORK BELLY - A$21.50 / IDR 215.000

This first dish was ordered by my friend, so I didn't try it. Its a pork belly, master stock, pickled & burnt onions, apples, blueberry, poached eggs and torn fried bread. Anyway, I copied these description from Zomato :p

TOP PADDOCK - A$22 / IDR 220.000

I ordered Top Paddock which is probably their most favorite menu. Its a toast with chorizo sausage, pickled onion, peppers, basil, bacon, adelaide green tomatoes, poached eggs and relish. Each ingredient on the plate is worth a single chewing, like I was trying the yellow peppers, the green tomatoes, the sausage, the bacon all one by one. Because by that I know how that really tastes. You'll never really easy to find these ingridients in Jakarta. I highly recommend this dish.

OCEAN TROUT FILLET - A$21.50 / IDR 215.000

My wife loves Salmon and she asked for it. Then, they have this Gin and Lime cured Ocean trout fillet with pickled baby beetroots, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves, goats curd and toast. The thing about Aussie brunch menus is that they incorporate a lot of beautiful plants on the plate. Even for beetroots that we don't normally eat here in Jakarta. But they have it in most of their brunch menus and I have seen that a few times when I ordered food here in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Ocean Trout was like semi raw because its not fully cooked. The skin was crispy just like crispy salmon skin that we use to eat in Sushi restaurant. The fillet was really smooth like sashimi, so if you don't eat raw fish then you may not like it. The poached eggs were very fine, the potato galette was like stacked of thinly sliced potato, Goats cured was actually goat cheese which was salty. Those all makes a great food composition.


This is their best selling dessert: HOT CAKE! Its a Blueberry and Ricotta Hot Cake with berries, maple syrup, seeds and cream. The white thing on top of the cake was not ice cream, its just cream. Basically the texture is similar to Kue Bolu in Indonesia and its warm when served. Not sure why they call it Hot Cake. Flavor wise, it wasn't like the most delicious cake, for me its just okay like I've tried it elsewhere. But the presentation was really beautiful like a garden of green and flowers.

[SUMMARY] This is a highly recommended place to have coffee, breakfast or brunch in Melbourne. The brunch menus were excellent, the coffee was great and service was fine. I suggest you to come earlier in the morning to avoid the long queue or otherwise you either have to wait or you may be seated in a sharing long table.


658 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Open: 7AM – 4 PM

All Day Menu served until 3 PM

Average spending for 2: A$50 - A$70 / IDR 500.000 - IDR 700.000
Phone: +61 3 9429 4332




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