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Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

MENYA RAMEN - Melbourne Central

Early this year, many people were surprised by the arrival of the famous Menya's Gyu Tan Don from Melbourne into Jakarta at Negiya Donburi, Citywalk Sudirman. I wasn't quite familiar with the name, but since we were curious, we managed to visit Negiya for a try. Then, we were traveling to Melbourne this July and we decided to visit Menya Ramen to try their word of mouth's famous Gyu Tan Don.

Menya Ramen is considered a small Japanese Ramen house in Melbourne. Specifically in Melbourne Central just across the Victoria State Library (this is really popular for tourist). The restaurant opens everyday at 11:00 AM in the morning and we happened to visit them at the opening hour. It wasn't really full until like 30 - 40 minutes later lunch time, the queue was starting to snaking (read: mengular).

The thing about most restaurants in Melbourne is that they are hiring Chinese employees or at least people who speak Chinese Mandarin fluently. And that is really obvious like wherever you go, you'll see Chinese staffs dominate the position.

I know like I am Chinese born Indonesian and I don't really speak Mandarin. But, come on, even in Australia, most restaurant's staffs spoke Chinese when greeted me like HELLOW it's Melbourne. That happened too in Menya Ramen and I could understand that around 80 - 90% of the customers who visited here were Chinese, judging from the look. Is this a Japanese restaurant?

Back to the main topic! This is the real Gyu Tan Don by Menya. One portion is $16.50 or around IDR 165.000, that's really pricey for Gyu Tan Don in Jakarta. But well, the portion was really big, the Gyu Tan (beef tounge) was abundant like almost twice the serving in Jakarta. So, we still can tolerate the price.

If you ask me whether this is really good or just good, then my answer is between the two. My memory in my brain says that I have tried the Best Gyu Tan in Jakarta. And as long as I remember, the best one that I tried was in Mama Goose at Panglima Polim back in 2015. But later this year when I came back again, the standard was like went down. Or probably I expected too high already since my first visit.

This one in Menya was good actually, but not that super good. But if you come to Melbourne, its the right thing to try :)

This is their Teriyaki Chicken Don ($9.70). That looks so delishh but we didn't try this one, our parents did. All of their portion were so gigantic to Indonesian standard. So, if you are used to eat petite especially woman, then you better share it.

This is Tonkatsu Ramen ($11.50), another menu that we didn't try. I tried the Chicken katsu and its okay. The soup was clear.

This is Tan Tan Ramen ($10.90) which is supposed to be their signature ramen and the most favorite one. But hmm, the soup was clear and it wasn't as red as on the display (menu book). It is a Tan Tan based soup with minced pork and seaweed. I didn't like it sorry, the soup was too light for me.

[SUMMARY] If you are about to visit here, make sure to come early 11:00 AM to avoid the queue. The only food that I suggest here is the Gyu Tan Don. The ramen was not my favorite, but probably some of you prefer light soup like this.




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