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Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

BRIGHTON SOUL ESPRESSO - Brighton, Melbourne

Brighton Beach in Melbourne has been one of my bucket lists to visit for the past few years. I've seen people posing in front of the famous bathing boxes, the colorful houses at the Brighton beach, and I was really envy! So, when were in Melbourne, we managed to go there by train. But interestingly, on our (walking) way to the beach, we found this small coffee shop on the side of the street. And I have been a fan of coffee, especially in Australia where they serve beautiful brunch menus.
So, if you stay in Melbourne CBD, all you have to do is to take the Train from Flinders Station. Then, use your Google Maps to check which train you have to take. The destination is Brighton Middle station. It does not stop near the beach, in fact you have to walk like 900 meters to the beach. But, in the middle of your way, you can find this coffee shop called Brighton Soul Espresso. Again, you can check them out on Google Maps.

This town is really classic and kinda vintage. If you see this kinda pedestrian, then you are on the right path. Its really close from here.

Here it is! Small coffee shops here are very humble and spreading all over the corner of the city either in Sydney or in Melbourne. But its surprising to see that they serve you beautiful food like you'll never see in Jakarta.

All restaurants in Sydney or Melbourne serve you free water in the jug. FYI, tab water (air kran) is sterile to drink. So, you ask as many water as you like :p

Found this cute cookies near the cashier table.


My first choice was this 'Burger for Breakkie' which is a slow cooked pulled pork burger with mashed avocado, bacon, 2 poached eggs, fresh leaves, and special sauce. I love any brunch meal with poached egg, especially when the egg yolk was running perfectly. I don't know why but poached egg just boosts up my mood :D This one was unexceptionally GOOD! The pulled pork was sweet, the eggs were perfect, the sauce was fantastic. Have no complain about this.

You can pair up your brunch with a cup of black coffee A$3.5 or Milked Coffee A$4.0.

SMASHED PEAS & MINT - A$15 (IDR 150.000)

Danish Feta Cheese, Bacon, Poached Egg, Fresh Radish, Herb Oil Dressing and Multigrain toast. Let me tell you, I underestimated the name like it sounds vegetarian. But, when I tried it, this was one of the best brunch that we had in Melbourne! I even prefer this one over the first burger.
The bacon wasn't like what we normally had in Jakarta. The fresh peas, the toast and the salty feta cheese worked really perfectly all together. Especially when you sliced the poached egg on top of everything, its even creamier.


Specialty Coffee & Modern Australian Food
129 Church Street, Brighton, Melbourne

Open everyday




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