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Senin, 23 Januari 2017

MOMO PARADISE - Shabu Shabu House at PIK

Guys, have you heard the latest Shabu Shabu house 'Mo Mo Paradise' at PIK? They recently opened their door to the public on 20 January 2017. But luckily we got an exclusive food tasting earlier on 18 January 2016 with media and bloggers. Momo Paradise is an international shabu shabu brand from Japan and has spreaded their wings to Asia and USA. We honestly never heard their name before, so its pretty surprising when we knew that they are the number 1 Shabu Shabu brand in Asia. What we reviewed here is based on our experience before their official opening. There might be some improvements after the opening, so hopefully its gonna be a successful opening week. Lets check it out.
Momo Paradise is located at Rukan Crown Golf PIK just next to Buns & Meat or Tsubohachi restaurant. Interior wise, its very humble and minimalist without any certain theme. This Shabu Shabu house is basically an all you can eat restaurant in which you cook your food on your own table. Since its a sharing shabu shabu pan, all customers on your table should pick the same Shabu Shabu package. They have 3 different packages for the beef: US Beef, Wagyu dan Wagyu Tongue. Package starts from IDR 180.000++ for standart US Beef to IDR 400.000++ for the best wagyu beef. But please confirm to the restaurant for more accurate pricing :)
There's a vegetable section that you can pick as much as you want, and a beverage section which consists of water, green tea, coffee, and soft drink. 
Fresh Salad with dressing
Beef is very fresh and thick, because each plate is presicely 100 gram of beef. They have quite a selection of beef actually, but I honestly didn't really pay attention to the choices. So, here are some that we captured. PS: Their Wagyu beef was undoubtedly amazing!
Standard US Beef
US Wagyu
You can manage your cooking from the touch screen panel below
They have 3 different kinds of soup: Original, Sukiyaki, and Kimchi. Below is the original & sukiyaki soup. Original was rather bland, while sukiyaki was sweet and savory. I liked it mixed together to have a perfect balanced flavor because the sukiyaki was very thick and intense, while the original was plain. But if you have cooked the beef on the original soup for a while, then the soup will bring more beef stock flavor.
If you take a look on the 4 small pots below, those are optional sukiyasi soup, plain water, soy sauce and peanut sauce. You can pour more sukiyaki soup on the boiling pan either to the original soup or to the sukiyasi soup itself (if its running out), while the water is to dilute the intense flavor of the sukiyaki soup. Soy sauce and peanut sauce are for the beef dipping if you like. The peanute sauce was really good though.
When you dip/ boil a lot of the beef on the soup, its gonna be turbid with beef fat floating on top of the soup. That's when you can really taste the beef stock.
If you like your beef creamier, then you can try this Japanese method of dipping (half) cooked beef into raw egg and eat it just like that. I'm personally not used to this kind of method, but my friend loves it!
This is their Kimchi soup. Funny thing is, the Japanese calls it "Kimochi", not sure why :p The soup is mildly spicy, slightly sour, sweet and savory. Its not Tom Yum Soup despite its similar look. But, this is my most favorite soup amongst the three. Btw, we didn't eat rice here, instead they have ramen or udon noodle that you can boil together with the soup. And yet, its really good together with the beef. Momo Paradise is definitely my new favorite place to have Shabu Shabu. Good Luck for the opening!


Ruko Crown Golf block D no. 18, Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK

Opening Hours:
- Sunday to Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM
- Friday & Saturday: 11 AM - 12 PM

RSVP: 0812.8888.617

Facebook: Momoparadiseid



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