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Rabu, 25 Januari 2017

KAUM by Potato Head - Seminyak, Bali

Still from our last trip to Bali earlier this January, we got invited by KAUM Restaurant to taste some of their signature dishes. KAUM is a fine Indonesian restaurant created by Potato Head Group. It is located at Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak on the second floor. The view from the dining area is absolutely amazing, its Blue (the sky and the sea) as far as the eyes can see! We really felt like dining on the beach. Interior is simple, humble, very modern, yet still heavily influenced by the traditionional Indonesian heritage. Food is by far one of the best Indonesian Restaurant that we've ever tried in Bali. So, let's check it out.
This is the view from our seat. We apparently seated near the window facing the Potato Head Beach Club, the pool area.
Outdoor Seating front facing the beach
Menu Paper
What's on our table :)
This is our starter :)
First thing first, rice! The core dish of every Indonesian food. Here in KAUM, they offer you three different kinds of rice: white rice (20k), red rice (20k) and yellow rice (25k). We picked yellow rice because it is cooked with turmeric and coconut milk. And true, its very fragrant especially from the fried shallot. Portion wise, its quite big and sharable for 2 persons.
Kalio Daging Sapi (90k) - It was quite possibly my very first time knowing 'Kalio' in Indonesian food. It pretty looks similar to Rendang and it is originally from West Sumatera. Its hard to differentiate it with rendang because they both are cooked with coconut milk and spices. It was sweet, tender and a little bit savory. Very nice with the warm yellow rice!
Gado Gado Kaum (65k) - This is actually a vegetarian option and it is also the most fanciest gado gado we've ever tried. Uniquely, they are using Ginseng leaves, which is not a mainstream option. Taste wise, its heavenly delicious, no doubt about it! They offer you a spicy or non spicy one, and we picked the spicy one. At first, it was fine like mildly spicy, but later after munching more, we could really feel the 'burning' spicy on our tongue. But it was very very good and we kept eating. The peanut sauce was spot on PERFECT! Its a MUST TRY dish here.
Grilled Barramundi Fish with Sambal Dabu Dabu (250k) - Its a medium size fillet barramundi fish marinated with tamarind water and turmeric paste, served with spicy food and fruit salsa. The fish was totally fresh, I can tell just from the first very bite. Well, if you ask me how's the flavor? The answer is a typical grilled fish but the soft texture and how they cook it affects the final taste. The fruit salsa adds some slightly sweet and sour flavor, and its again very fresh. We also added Sambal Matah (30k) as a side, but we still preffered their original fruit salsa :) 
Sate Babi Kecap (140k) - char-grilled pork belly satay marinated with sweet soy sauce and served with grilled scallions. The meat was very very thick like 3x bigger than a normal satay. The meat's texture could have been more tender but its not chewy actually, in our opinion. But flavor wise, it was again 8/10 almost perfect especially with the sweet soy sauce :)
Klappertaart with coconut ice cream was our closing #sweettooth for the lunch. This is a very unique and one of a kind klappertaart. Its just different from the mainstream one. The texture was super soft and smooth with some caramelized sugar and macaroon on top. The coconut Ice cream was the best part of the whole dish, its just very refreshing! Plus, there's a hint of rhum flavor on the sauce that makes it outstanding. Really LOVED it!
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The beautiful view at Potato Head Beach Club


Jl. Petitenget No.51, Kerobokan Kelod, Bali 80361

Opening hours: 10 AM - 12 AM

Average Spending for two: IDR 600.000

RSVP: 0361 3007990



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