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Selasa, 24 Januari 2017


First coffee shop review in 2017, yeay! Introducing KEREN COFFEE, located at Landmark Pluit, its the only shop (at the time of the writing) operating at this emptied office complex. We got invited by Billy Oscar to taste some of their signature brunch/lunch menus and their coffees. Thank you for the opportunity! I personally really love a coffee shop with some brunch menus, so Keren Coffee really does a great job! Lets check it out!
Don't you think the structure looks great? Its just futuristic. There's a glass bridge in front of the building connecting one building to another
It was really packed and full house, we were initially seated outside while waiting for a table inside. It took like 30-40 minutes before we finally got one.
I tried the avacode frozen cube (45) with espresso and milk. The espresso was certainly very intense, outpowering the flavor of the milk and the avocado even after all mixed together. I rarely add sugar on my coffee as I love to enjoy it as it is. But this one was still very intense for my liking.
Lucy tried their hot cappucinno and it was fine :)
My friend picked affogato with vanilla ice cream. Its actually only ice cream with espresso, but somehow the waitress sent another cup of picollo (the one with flower art). The picollo was quite petite :D
We had 3 different kinds of burgers here and all of them looked really tempting, from fried chicken burger, cheese burger to donut burger. My recommendation goes to their cheese burger with beef patty, it was somehow the BEST!
This is the fried chicken burger with crispy fried chicken, melted cheedar cheese and egg. Love the chicken, you can tell by the look :)
This is pretty unique and the very first we've ever tried! Burger using sweet glazed donut bun with chicken patty, cheedar cheese and egg. Its definitely sweet, so if you don't like sweet burger then this is not your choice.
They also have a few selections of croissant which I didn't try actually. But its pretty nice to know a good coffee shop like this with some decent brunch menus.
Luckily we met @bulikulineran and @enjoyajadotcom here and we shared our hobbies together. So, its really nice to know them in person. Definitely will come back anytime soon :)


Landmark Pluit, North Jakarta

Opening Hour: 08 AM - 08 PM (Sunday Closed)

Ph: 021.22661575



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