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Rabu, 04 Januari 2017


Second post in 2017! Woohoo. But actually we visited here on November 5th 2016 during our 2 day trip to Semarang. Let me introduce you to this lovely historical cafe: Spiegel Bar & Bistro. A cafe and coffee shop located at the old city of Semarang where many of the historical structures built here decades ago. Its a very comfort place to just sit and relax or have a great conversation with your friends. I personally think this is my kind of place to work with my notebook and its easier to get inspiration from the interior. They keep the authenticity of the old building and create it into a classic european kind of cafe and bistro. Lets check it out!

Well, there's not much that I can show you here. We visited here for a short coffee time and didn't order any food. I pretty enjoyed my photo editing for this post with the old vintage tone.

I didn't go up to the second floor, unfortunately.

The bar is located in the middle of the cafe. Tea, coffee, mocktail, cocktail are available here. But I definitely will come back for their coffee.

There's another room displaying lots of vodka or alcohol botols collection. Not particularly sure what's with this.

Honestly, I forgot what I ordered. This is certainly iced coffee drink, probably caramel machiato or something similar. Pretty good as far as I remember.

Their Hot Cappucinno was great as well

Gelato is available on a small stall near the entrance

We came here on the afternoon and went out almost dark. The light turned yellow at night, so it felt like very warm and silent inside. Definitely will come back again whenever I visit Semarang in the future.


Jl. Letnan Jenderal Suprapto No. 34, Kota Lama,
Tj. Mas, Semarang Utara

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 12 PM


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