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Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

COFFEE AYA - Muara Karang

Last week, we visited Coffee Aya, a soft launched minimalist coffee shop in Muara Karang. Precisely located near Pasar Muara Karang, the place that we'll never imagine having this kind of modern minimalist coffee shop. We came here just a 2 days after looking at the buzz on Instagram. When arrived, we hardly found the name of the cafe until we looked up and saw the super small name on the wall. There's no particular sign board whatsoever, but google maps managed to bring us here.

We arrived here at approx. 14:00 pm on saturday, 7 January 2017. We waited for 10 minutes at the first floor which you can see on the picture below. The main floor is one the second floor with all those instagenic thingy. We didn't get any table here sadly because all tables were occupied and there were only 3 round tables and 1 long table.

We were asked to order first while waiting for our seats here. Don't expect a lot of coffee varieties as they only have this one paper drink menu. We picked Cappucinno (37k) and Piccolo (27k).

We asked for sandwich / pastries / or any other brunch menus, but surprisingly they didn't have any! Instead they offered us this cute petite tartlets & snacks on display. Its a one bite size snack that you'll be surprised when you see the size by yourself :) So we decided to skip this.

Climbed the second floor and was greeted by this cute wooden table.

The room was too small that we didn't take any photos of the room. But here is one photo of the unique chair.

If you are about to take an instagenic photo here, you have to take the seat on the corner of the glass (window). Its really cute and minimalist, BUT its very warm in the afternoon. One corner has a table and another one without table. Sadly, we got the non table one, so here's our sit (as well as the table) looks like.

For the coffee, we loved the cappucino. Its mildly strong and kinda milky, while the piccolo was very strong and very acidic. The thing is the piccolo was very very small, like the size of an espresso cup. I normally ordered piccolo or cappucino in a coffee shop and its my very first time having this small cup of piccolo. I hope they change the cup (bigger).

And btw, I love my new bermuda shorts by Mango Man :p its just loose, comfortable and fit perfectly.

Well, we can't really judge this place as it was not officially grand launching yet. So, we believe there will be improvement and menu addition in the near future. Best of luck!


Ruko Niaga, Muara Karang blok Z8 no. 19, Pluit (Near Pasar Muara Karang)

Opening Hours: Everyday 8 AM - 7 PM



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