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Senin, 16 Oktober 2017

Healthy Smoothie Bowls by ACAI BAR Senopati

Acai ~ a reddish-purple colored fruit from the berry family originated from South and Central America. Its is believed to have (if not the highest) higher antioxidant than any other berries such as blueberry, strawberry, blackbbery, raspberry and cranbbery. Its undoubtedly rare and unfamiliar for us living in Indonesia for the fact that the fruit itself is hardly found in the market. Up to this point of our writing, we don't have any clue how the exact fruit looks like. But we all know now there's a place in Jakarta to enjoy Acai in a fresh and delicious smoothie bowl: welcome to Acai Bar at Senopati, South Jakarta. Read more!
Acai Bar is a newly opened Cafe just 2 days old from the Grand Opening day on 15 October 2017. We were glad to have visit them earlier during their Soft Opening on October 2017 and we got the chance to taste some of their tastiest smoothie bowls. 
Room wise its not the most spacious one, but its guaranteed to bring calm and peace to the mind whenever you step in to the room. Its simply humble, minimalist with some colorful artsy painting on the wall depicting the real acai fruit harvesting situation at their original location. The clean and white interior is in line with their healthy eating concept.
Hail Matcha (85k) - Acai smoothie blended with Soy Milk and Banana, topped with honey nut granola, sliced banana & strawberry, mochi and match drizzle. Fresh sweet smoothie with soft and smooth mochi.
Rico Loco (85k) - Acai smoothie blended with Almond Milk and Banana, topped with honey nut granola, avocado, raspberry, mango, chia seed and honey dessert. The most 'foodporn' one among all 5 bowls that we tried.

Malibu Surver (75k) - Acai Smoothie blended with guava juice and banana, topped with with Honey Nut Granola, Sliced Banana & Strawberry, mango, coco flakes and honey drizzle. THE BEST ONE SO FAR! The combination of guava juice brings out a fruity tropical sweet flavor. While at the same, mango is one of our favorite fruits. So, Hands down the most delicious smoothie bowl!
Signature Amazon (small 75, large 85k)Acai Smoothie with Apple Juice and Banana, topped with topped with honey nut granola, grape, banana, strawberry, chia seed and honey dessert. The only acai bowl with two sizes.
At this point, you might be wondering whats the different between one bowl to another one. Well, its not significant, like basically its acai base with fruity or milky flavors. But for some who concern about diet, swapping fruit juice with almond milk or soy milk does matter. Sometimes it is also about preference like when you want to have a cup of coffee with milk, you want to change it with soy milk for a healthier one for example.
Dark Side (85k) - Acai Smoothie with Apple Juice and Banana (same with Signature Amazon), topped with honey nut granola, sliced banana, peanut butter, brownie bites, and almond. 
This is definitely the most chocolaty one and is specifically perfect for those who are looking for a guilty pleasure comfort food. That peanut butter is really legit with that sweet brownie bites. And if you prefer something anti-mainstream (typical smoothie bowl) then you have to try this!
Here are 5 different sampler smoothies that we tried. If you look with your bare eyes, all you can see is similar acai smoothie with different toppings. That's why when you don't taste it yourself, then its pretty hard to describe the experience of each smoothie. My favorite is definitely the Malibu Surfer with a hint of guava flavor on the smoothie.
We also got the chance to create our own acai smoothie bowl (ps: this is for invitation only). You might wondering why the smoothie doesn't look purple but instead Chocolate. Well, besides the combination of fruit and milk as the smoothie mixture, the acai itself is imported to the country in a form of acai puree (that's what we heard from the owners). This happpens because puree preserves the freshness better than the whole fruit itself.
Well anyway, that's all for our Acai Bar experience! Hope you enjoy the review. If you do, please help us spreading the article to your circle. Thank you :) 


Jl. Senopati No. 25, Senopati, Jakarta

Average Spending for two: IDR 180.000



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