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Selasa, 24 Oktober 2017

KOPI SUSU BU LURAH Definitely The Best One!

Kopi Susu Bu Lurah ~ That's quite a humble yet catchy name. As the trend of Kopi Susu is rising up to the peak this year, many brands are now competing to offer not only the best tasting kopi susu, but also the cheapest they can offer. And I have to admit that a cup of kopi susu for less than 20k is quite affordable nowadays, and some even offered an uber low 10K during promotion periode. I honestly not really into chasing trend, so whenever there's a certain hype, I simply ignore it. I'll get it when I want it, not when anybody posts it on their social media. This Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is definitely the latest one in the market and in fact only less than a month by the time of this writing (20 October 2017). They have their unique jargon "The Best Kopi Susu in Indonesia ~ Says Pak Lurah" and yeah, its too cliche if we say its the best one, that's why its Pak Lurah's version. What about our version? Well Let's check our review here!
Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is surprisingly located at Warung MJS at Setiabudi. FYI, we have covered our experience at Warung MJS on the blog, simply CLICK HERE if you wanna know more. These 2 brands are under the same owner(s) and management, so the same hospitality is expected. Despite located at the same location, Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is operated separately from the restaurant, they have their own coffee bar/booth, and they have a separate coffee menus.
The unique thing here is that all coffee extracting or coffee brewing process is using manual process such as the picture below. The espresso below is produced with a manual pressing method. And it takes power and effort to 'Squish' the coffee essence with this tool, so imagine if he does it one by one in a single day. The barista that we met that day is the son of the owner himself or let's call him the owner as well. We were glad to be able to meet him and to be inspired by how he established everything from zero.
If you wanna have a taste of their kopi susu, simply ask the server. They have a  coffee taster for you :)
Here are a few menus available at Kopi Susu Bu Lurah

  1. Espresso - Manually brewed with Rokpresso, Coffee blend from Sumatra and East Java.
  2. Kopi Hitam Bu Lurah (Americano)
  3. Kopi Susu Bu Lurah - Coffee blend from Toraja and Garut, added with fresh milk and gula aren.
  4. Latte - lattean - reguler latte with steamed milk
  5. Master a Dripper - black coffee with pourover system using Master A Dripper from Korea
  6. Walkure - black coffee with pourover using Walkure from Germany
  7. Koka Klinik Kopi - black coffee by pourover using Koka Dripper from Klinik Kopi and Kaloka Pottery Jogja
  8. Affogato - Espresso and Vanilla Ice Cream

So, here's our tasting moment! Basically we tried 2 different coffee: Kopi Susu and Black Coffee. But what you are looking below is just a variety of serving: with glass, with plastic cup, with paper take away cup and with Koka Dripper (middle). 
To be frankly speaking, I'm not an expertist in coffee although I regulerly drink coffee once (or even twice sometimes) a day! I have a few collections of coffee brand at home and I'm very picky when it comes to the best instant coffee. I'll simply get rid of those coffees with 70% sugar in one sachet. Its definitely not coffee! That's why I always read the back of the coffee sachet about the ingrediets. Let's say if a reguler sachet coffee weights 20 grams and it contains 16-17 grams of sugar, I'll definitely avoid it. And that's mostly happening to cheap coffee like non-sense cheap pricing coffee.
Here's their main selling Kopi Susu: Es Kopi Susu Bu Lurah (19k) - Definitely what I'm looking for in a perfect cup of chilled kopi susu. It is really similar to how I love to make myself at home. While other brands are trying to make a fancy one by adding this and that (which eventually changes the basic taste of Kopi Susu), I'd love to have it  simple and humble because that's what it is all about Kopi Susu (kopi and Susu) right?
While the previous pictures are the take away for Iced Kopi Susu, this below is their dine-in coffee glass. Still the same Es Kopi Susu with that unique red rooster glass. What we like about Warung MJS is their green backyard with a long bluish pool that really soothes our mind. We can sip some coffees for such a long time with this view.
If you like a hot kopi susu, they'll give you this fancy white cup with that Ibu Lurah logo in the middle. Very catchy!
If you fancy black coffee, try their Pour Over - Koka Klinik Kopi (25k). Truth to be told, we were blank at this one. We actually asked them about this coffee as we had no clue what was Koka Klinik. And apparently, the filtering tool above the coffee glass is called Koka. As you can see, the making process is simply by pouring hot water on top of the ground coffee. The coffee will then drip into the glass, as simple as that. It creates a clean black coffee yet tastes acidic. Not suitable for a mild coffee drinker.
Don't you think the background is too beautiful?
We took away 2 bottles of Cold Brew Coffee from Drizzle brand which was also available at Kopi Susu Ibu Lurah. One is the pure cold brew black coffee while the yellow one is the sweet lemon flavor. We personally love the lemon one because its pretty light and sweet (they put sugar on it), while the black coffee one is pure coffee and too acidic for our liking.
We really enjoyed our afternoon coffee time here and we highly suggest this place (Warung MJS) and Kopi Susu Bu Lurah for a nice chit chat with friends or for a casual dining place with your friends or family. Thank you guys for reading! If you love our review, please help us spread the article.


Warung MJS

Jalan Setia Budi Tengah No.11, Setia Budi, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 11 PM

Phone: (021) 5252605



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