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Jumat, 13 Oktober 2017

Met Nagita Slavina at Mango Bomb Lippo Mall Kemang

Mango Bomb is opening its third outlet at Lippo Mall Kemang on 12 October 2017. I was glad to be invited for this special grand opening day where I got to take picture with the owner Nagita Slavina herself! She is a very humble and down to earth if I may describe herself from what I saw. She greeted everybody on the location where a lot of people from medias, bloggers, and customers came to see her personally. Mango Juice is currently the latest beverage trend in the city and Mango Bomb has been quickly spreading their wings. I have to admit that this is the second Mango Juice brand that I tried and I'm glad that I really loved it. I'll take you to a few moments during the opening day!
This is actually the dummy one for photoshoot purpose only. Don't you think it looks very legit like real mango juice? Let's check out layers by layers. At the very bottom is the pure mango juice with local Harum Manis mango, very sweet and refreshing. In the middle there's that white coconut cream, then mango pudding, mango sorbet and finally on top is the fresh cut mango.
Their booth is located just next to L'Occitane store at UG Floor (one level above the lobby floor). They actually had a quick press conference with Nagita Slavina on the back of the booth, if you can see that black background. But unfortunately it was too packed that I could barely come close and take video. But anyway, I was lucky enough to take picture with her inside the booth.
Look at the crowd! And now as a food blogger, my mind is finally wide-opened about how tough it is being in the media industry where people catch the artists to get some news. Just like us food bloggers who constantly look for new restaurants to review. Respect to media!
Ms Nagita was also preparing for the mango juice as a demonstration to the medias. She definitely knows how to put a nice big portion of the mango juice. She also didn't hesitate to put a smile one her face. I personally believe that she is just humble, beautiful and very kind.
This is the mango pudding as part of the topping. One thing about Mango Bomb that I realized during the event was that they pre-blended the mango into mango puree, and then when someone ordered they took some of the puree, added some water and ice cube, and then blended them again to produce a fresh chilled mango juice. Not sure if this process happens to other brands as well, but its pretty interesting to know :)
Here's the final product! Its really big, most people don't finish it by themselves. At least you can share it with someone else because I left a quarter of my juice that day and I was really full. One portion costs IDR 50.000 which is quite reasonable for that generous amount of mango juice. 
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Lippo Mall Kemang UG Floor
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