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Sabtu, 07 Oktober 2017

KLTR Coffee Roasters

I didn't intentionally plan to make a blog review when visiting here because me and my friends were about to only have some drinks here. I heard a little bit about this coffee shop from my friend and little did I know that this is still from the same group who owns Cassis Kitchen. Apparently, KLTR Coffee is actually located at the same area of Cassis Kitchen. The theme here is some sort of oldies American Vibe like back in 1920s with its respective music as well. Earlier during the opening, they only opened until 5 PM, but lucky now they open until late night 10 PM. Not only Coffee here, you can also enjoy their tasty Lunch and Dinner menus! I'll show you some that me and my friends had here.
All these interior photos were taken with my Smartphone's camera at night, so apologize for the low quality pictures. I supposed to review the coffees here, but I didn't manage to capture the pictures. And I came back again after 3 weeks and here (the food) what I'll show you.
They have this outdoor seatings but it was damn hot during the sunny day! Smokers, you bettah be here :p
Some Ice White (35k) for a thirst quencher! Coffee flavor was mild, not that bold and still pretty enjoyable.
Let's start off with what I had first: Prosciutto Ham (150k) - Quite possibly the most delicious one amongst all dishes that I tried. A very thick bread with scrambled egg, truffle, smoked ham and fresh salad. I SUPER LOVED this, like its very difficult to express how delicious it was, especially the salty smoked ham. I'm impressed!
Pan Seared Barramundi (110k) - with corn puree, grilled baby corn, and baby potato. Looks very interesting and the plating with that yellow corn puree was on point!
Pork Ragout (120k) - with chorizo pappardelle (wide pasta) and parmesan. Didn't taste this, but judging from the plating, it was convincing!
Seared Salmon (120k) - with kale, poached eggs with hollandaise. Not the biggest chunk of salmon, but its definitely worth to try. The skin was crispy and perfectly golden with that super mouth watering two poached egg, hollandaise sauce.
Full Breakfast (120k) - with pork bacon, spicy sausage, sauteed mushroom, fried tomato and aerated egg. The main ingredients are not something special I believe but the aerated egg aka the foamy thingy with the egg might sound interesting. I tried a little bit of the foam but unfortunately forgot how it tasted :')
Beef Yakimeshi (110K) - with poached egg and truffle essense. Basically its an asian style fried rice (more to sweet one and slightly wet) with some tender beef, poached egg on top and truffle oil. The truffle was super fragrant!
Last one: Bowl of BS (120k) - bacon, sausages, and baby potatoes. This is probably the cure to a comfort food addiction! Bacon + Sausage was like DAMN!  
Overall, all the dishes here were beyond excellent and I believe there's a great chef behind the kitchen. Thanks for reading!


Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade,
karet Tengsin, Jakarta Pusat 10220

Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000

Phone: 021-29023340




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