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Jumat, 27 Oktober 2017

JON'S SMOKERY - Best Smoked Bacon in Town

On 21 October 2017, we got the previledge to attend an 'open house' by Jon's Smokery, an online retailer specializing on ready to cook bacon products. They have a few variety of bacons to try which unfortunately we didn't got the chance to try as we were slightly late. They showcased their products on the display table and people could buy them on the spot. Besides bacon, they also gave us a try on their super tempting roasted pork belly! So we'll show you some that we captured during the event!
Below are some of their bacon products. Based on my friends who tried it that day, that could be one of the best bacon they tried! We are seriously sad to not try it.
They currently have 5 pork products mainly smoked bacon: 
1. Kurobuta Apple Wood Smoked Bacon - IDR 120.000
2. Kurobuta Hickory Wood Smoked Bacon - IDR 120.000
3. Hickory Wood Smoked Bacon - IDR 85.000
4. Apple Wood Smoked Bacon - IDR 85.000
5. Guanciale 150 gram (Pork Cheeks) - IDR 85.000
(Pricing above is based on their Tokopedia store) 
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So, here's how to cook.
1. Pan fry - Lay down the bacon on a hot pan till desired crispiness.
2. Oven - Set oven to 200 degrees celcius until desired crispiness (15-25 mins)
Here is the roasted pork belly.

So, they made it into a sandwich!
They call this meatball despite not literally like a ball. Not sure if they sell it as well, but it was really good and perfectly combined with sandwich this way.
We know that there's not much we could tell, but we'll let you try by yourself and let us know what do you think. Anyway, thank you for reading and if you love this article, please spread it to your circle!


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