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Selasa, 01 November 2016

ATTARINE - Gunawarman

The latest bistro / cafe in Gunawarman, introducing Attarine by Potato Head Group. They are highly inspired by the rich local ingredients and spices from Indonesia, you can tell from how they cook their dishes. The wood fired snapper above is one of their seasonal main courses. It is marinated with secret Attarine's spices and stuffed with lemon, coriander, celery and many more. Despite having just a few main courses, they are also having some seasonal dishes that you can try. So, whenever you come here, you'll probably find a few different dishes.

The room was quite packed when we visited here 25th October 2016 Tuesday night. We didn't really expect the crowd would be this high because its a weekday. The parking lot were full as usual, so expect to have your cars vallet. This is actually the thing that we both hate the most from dining at Senopati / Gunawarman area, vallet is a BIG NO NO for us. You may call us cheapo, but spending 30k for a two hour parking is a waste of money because dining at those two areas is not cheap anyway.

I started off with this refreshing mocktail, forgot the name and the flavor though lol. But this is the staff's recommendation. It was kinda soury and refreshing.

While Lucy ordered this Jamu Fusion drink, yes it is indeed like Jamu in a modern twist.

To start off, some Wood Fired Flat Bread. This is not an ordinary flat bread and far from what we expected from flat bread. It was thin and crunchy with some lentil paste, herbs and olive oil. I can not explain how Lentil tastes like, but it looks similar to green bean. For us, the lentil paste was too bland and the flat bread was tasteless. We expected some salt on the paste just to lift up the flavor.

This shrimp dish is part of their starters / small bites menus, despite the not so cheap price. It is cooked with chili, tamarind and corriander. it is also adviced to pair it with the flat bread because the plain flat bread is destined with the mild spicy shrimp. For us who love tangy spicy food, the flavor wasn't quite there yet. We expected something like balado flavor and spicier.

This is Baby Carrots with Cilantro & Chili Dressing (IDR 45.000). It is a starter dish suitable to be paired with the next fish menu. The carrot is crunchy like apple crunch (not chips crunch :p), the bottom also has that sour yoghurt. So, when you mix it all together, the carrot will have that sweet soury spicy crunchy texture, so good!

This is their seasonal menu written on the wall near their wood fire oven. They literally use classic wood fire traditional oven to cook the snapper. The snapper's size was really huge like it can feed up to 3 people. They marinate the fish with what-so-called secret recipe and the inside is filled with some spices like corriander and lemon. It is very healthy and very delicious especially the skin, because its flavorful. For the thick meat, you can add some special sambal on the side or sprinkle some salt if its bland for your liking. But we both really liked it. 

The seasonal menus on the wall

This is another starter to pair with the next Crispy Chicken Leg. It is Marinated Zucchini with Tomatoes in anchovy & curry leaf vinaigrette (IDR 45.000). I'm sorry I didn't like it. I found it to be just some fresh plain cut of zucchini, that's all. For the price of 45k++, its not worth it.

This is the BEST dish that we tried on our table, and I really mean very delicious. The skin was so crispy, salty and full of seasonings like they marinated it with a lot of secret ingredients. They also put some lentil on the bottom and drizzled some spiced honey. Unfortunately, I love the chicken as it is without the honey. The sweet honey didn't fit well for my liking.

I'm not truely a fan of their desserts despite the beautiful plating. The pannacotta (IDR 50.000) was just okay, the pudding was smooth and they have spicy chocolate cookie on top.

The second dessert is a combination of warm soft bread with grilled pineapple, lemonade ice cream and mango cream. I didn't like it honestly, except for the lemonade ice cream.

Overall, the food were just okay, we found it quite pricey for a casual dining. In our opinion, the main courses should come with a side dish considering the price tag. Because I believe you won't pay for IDR 200.000+ for a pair of chicken leg and zucchini, unless it is a fine dining restaurant. Nonetheless, we have to praise for their 5 stars service and hospitality. The servers treated us very well and explained every single dish thoroughly. Great Job Attarine!


Jalan Gunawarman No.11 A,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 500.000 - IDR 700.000

RSVP: (021) 22771256




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