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Jumat, 04 November 2016


Li Feng is a new Chinese Restaurant concept in Mandarin Oriental, Central Jakarta. It is very luxurious and authentic upscale Chinese theme. We've heard and seen a lot about the famous & the signature Black Swam dumpling here and we were so curious to try. We finally made it on 29 October 2016 on a special lunch invitation. So, let's have a look.

Our first appetizer is this Crispy Fish Skin in Salted Egg Yolk. Its indeed very crispy and the salted egg sauce was very dominant. We couldn't stop munching :p

Then we tried these 2 different dumplings: Squid Ink, Seafood, Fish Roe Dumpling (the black one) and Spicy XO Scallop Dumpling (the white one). I really really loved the white one, its just a burst of flavors in my mouth.

Here comes the main attraction of Li Feng: Swan Dumpling with Black Pepper Duck Meat. I seriously didn't mind about the filling because its just too cute for a food! But this is certainly brilliant! The skin was crispy and the whole swan is edible including the head & neck. The server poured some water into the bottom of the bowl filled with some dry ice / carbondioxite frozen to produce fog / smoke effect. But taste wise, the swam was really good!

This is Imperial Kung Fu Soup consists of stewed chicken and quail with matsutake mushroom, cordyceps flowers and dried longan. The soup was slightly sweet with chicken broth as the base. It was really similar to Chinese herbal soup that I normally eat for health. They provide a small cup so that we can chill the very hot soup and later we can spoon the fillings on the teapot. I really liked it.

Braised Hele Crab with Japanese Rice in Hoisin Sauce. Well honestly speaking, this was my least favorite dish that I tried here. It was kinda sweet and moist which I didn't like in a fried rice dish, and not savory at all. I wish they could improve this.

Wok-Fried String Beans with Dried Shrimps and Garlic. I believe the sentence explains everything :) Not that special, I'm sorry.

This is Sauteed Beef with Szechuan Pepper and Chili. For me, its not spicy despite the amount of chili. The beef was uber tender and juicy, like I imagined its a kobe beef because its so smooth in my mouth. The flavor was also spot on perfect, one of the best here! Its basically sweet and savory.

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pineapple and Bell Pepper (I wanna sing I have a Pen I have Pineapple song when writing this menu). Well, its sweet and soft but I think a little stronger seasonings would be perfect.

Last but not least, desserts! This is called Three Dessert Platter which consists of 3 separate elements:

  1. Deep fried Glutinous rice dumpling with frog jelly and coconut milk. Its a duck shaped dumpling, deep fried with a kind of gooey texture. Each portion has only one duck actually :p
  2. Blueberry snow skin dumpling. This one is kinda like moochi with sweet cream inside.
  3. Chilled mango with Pomelo sago cream. This is similar to pannacotta with mango flavor.

[SUMMARY] Li Feng is a nice place for a family lunch or dinner. They serve various dimsums and chinese cuisines specially cooked by Chinese chefs. We believe that the price itself is considerably affordable having located at the most prestigious 5 stars hotel in Central Jakarta. We really loved the appetizers, the sauteed beef, the Kung Fu Soup and the desserts. The rests were just okay :)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Central jakarta

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM

RSVP: (021) 29938888




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