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Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

MAM by 3 SKINNY MINNIES - Senayan City

Yes, that's me with Ms Dian Sastrowardoyo and the other 4 owners of MAM restaurant at Senayan City. I got the previledge to come to their private food tasting on 14 March 2017. It was really fun and enjoyable, especially when the owners came personally to our table and explained about the concept of the food and the restaurant. Its glad to know that the food comes from the idea of healthy eating. If you have ever heard healthy diet food by 3 Skinny Minnies, then this restaurant is developed based on the same healthy diet. So, let's have a look on the private tasting event!
The private food tasting is only for invited food bloggers. Thanks Ko Billy Oscar for the opportunity! We got to taste some of their recommended menus and the staffs served us as if it was already running.
Please keep in mind that this is categorized as a fast food restaurant. You order your food from the cashier, then you pick up your food when called.
The 5 owners were there during the private food tasting event. Ms Dian Sastrowardoyo approached our table personally and described about the concept of the food. They call it MAM for a few reasons, one of the simplest reasons is derived from the phrase 'Mamam yuk" which is 'Let's eat'. They want to bring a healthy diet concept into a fast food restaurant.
So, this is our messy table with some of their burgers, rice dishes and bottled drinks. The chips on the table is bundled on every burger order. Since its a healthy chips, you might find it bland.
First of all, their bottle drinks are supplied by Fruithouse Indonesia. They are specializing in Cold Pressed Juice in various tempting flavors. I tried the Pina Colata (yellow one) which is the mix of coconut water and pineapple juice. Its pretty light if you compare it to other's bottled juice. But if its healthy then why not?
Their so-called Best Selling burger is The Disastr Burger (116.5k). Double Wagyu Beef patties with 2 slices of cheese, paired with Snow Patrol (mayo lemony basil sauce) & Fire Hazard (Spiciest) Sauce in wholewheat bun. The burger was not greasy at all either the bun or the patty itself. The wholewheat bun is very healthy and the beef patty was really tasty. Don't compare this to any fast food messy runny creamy burger, because this is pretty clean and dry by means not oily, not messy but still delivering super tasty comfort food. Anyway, price listed on the menu is NETT.
Another recommended one is EL PATRON BURGER (76.5k) - Cornflakes crusted chicken, spicy snow patrol carrot & cabbage slaw, with avocado crema in wholewheat bun. Each burger order includes Rainbow chips. If you feel the first one is too big for you, then this one-piece patty chicken burger is right for you.
They also have 2 sandwich options and I picked the K-POP SANDWICH (96.5k) - Korean inspired sliced beef tongue marinated in bulgogi sauce in a wholewheat sandwich roll with pickled radish and carrots, fresh corriander and Fire hazard sauce. Their beef tongue was REALLY DAMN DELICIOUS! It was slightly chewy, but that's what I like about tongue, because if its too tender then its like meat. They also have the J-POP SANDWICH (76.5k) which is the tepanyaki grilled chicken patty burger.
If you opt for a fish patty, then they have this BIG WAVE (86.5k) inspired by Fillet-O-Fish burger. Its a cornflakes crusted white snapper fillet in wholewheat bun with cheese, cos lettuce, tomato and tart art sauce. If you ask me about the best one amongst the 3 burgers, then The Disastr Burger is the most delicious one. The fish was my least favorite, not because its fishy but its a little bit bland for my liking.
Not a burger fan, don't worry! They have 2 rice bowl options: K-POP BOWL (86.5k) for beef tounge or J-POP BOWL (72.5k) for grilled chicken. This below is the chicken one: grilled chicken marinated in ginger & soy, carrots, broccoli, cabbage &zucchini on a bed of rice, topped with garlic cream sauce. They have 3 choices for the rice: red, brown or white rice. Despite having a lot of sauces on top, this is actually lighter (flavor). The chicken was very tender, the sauce was thick and creamy. 
If you are about to order the beef tounge as well, I suggest you to finish the chicken one first before the beef tounge. Because the tounge was super tasty that your chicken would taste slightly bland.
This is the K-POP BOWL: thinly sliced beef tongue marinated with bulgogi sauce, sunny side up egg, scorched kimchi on a bed of rice. Still with 3 choices of rice as the chicken one. I personally fell in love with all of the sauce combination, including the spicy red sauce on top (you can opt-out the red sauce). They all combined into a super flavorful dish which reminds me of Japanese's Gyu Tan Don. However, as its name K-POP, this is best mixed all together like a bibimbab. The egg yolk is served undercooked, so expect a messy creamy bowl!
For the sauces, they also sell it optionally for 10k each if you would like to try other than the given one. There are two that for me very bold and different, the spiciest one and the one that has wasabi flavor. Please ask the staff about these two sauces, I really recommend!
So again, congratulation to Ms Dian Sastrowardoyo and the other 4 owners for this big milestone. As a healthy eating person, I really appreciate fast food this way. It might sound pricey for certain people, but there is always a price to pay for a healthy food. I really wish them the best of luck for the business! Open for public 16 March 2017 6 PM!


Senayan City Mall, LG Floor (Ex Body Shop)

Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 200.000



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