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Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

FAT SHOGUN - Menara BTPN Kuningan

I noticed that for the past few months, a few new fresh cafe/bistro are coming from Lingkar Mega Kuningan Area; a place that has been the favorite for super big companies. Now, it turns out to be a new favorite hang out places besides Senopati, SCBD, Thamrin, etc. Introducing FAT SHOGUN with its tagline 'Nikkei Rediscovered'. Basically they are trying to offer you a totally new concept, the combination of Japanese and Peruvian Cuisines. Its pretty exciting to know what's coming in front of us when we imagine these two countries mixed together. So, let's have a look!
Well anyway, by the time we visited here, the whole dining room was fully booked for a 13 year old girl's birthday party. So, we were previledge to use the VIP room which is normally charged for around 3 Mio / transaction. It was oh my god so cool, look at the super long antique wood! its like a dream for every Instagrammers or Food Bloggers. Because anything above wood would look so pretty on Instagram.  
They also have the outdoor area front facing a few 5 stars hotel such as The Ritz Carlton and The Westin. Love the garden theme here, its very soothing especially when its afternoon around 4 PM when the weather is cool.
RED SHOGUN (50K)Soursop sorbet, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, pomegranande syrup, house soda. Definitely the one not to miss, very fresh!
DATELINES - dates fruit, green grapes, yoghurt, milk and choco cookies syrup. Its very thick like fresh fruits juice.
The appetizer selections are pretty diverse and unique. 
TUETANO PARILLA (150k) - bone marrow topped with mixed truffle paste and herbs, served with garlic bread. I think this is a Mexican dish, but probably also popular in many other South American countries. Well, its our second time having bone marrow (previously at Por Que No at Menteng), but this one at Fat Sho Gun was definitely the best one! The truffle flavor was just stunning like very intense and overpowering everything, which is very good. But if you don't like truffle, then this is totally not for you. The filling was salty, so its best when you have it together with the garlic bread.
TUNA TARTARE (90K) - I think this is one of the most recognizable dishes amongst all that we tried. Some serve it over rice as main course, but here in Fat Shogun they serve it as an appetizer. Creamy spicy sauce, avocado, onion, cucumber, micro greens, served with yucca chips. Certainly one of the best Japanese style appetizers we've ever tried! Ps: Its spicy though, so be noticed if you don't like spicy. Btw, you can also opt for Salmon (100k) or Shrimp (80k).
MANGO AVOCADO CEVICHE (75K) - Similar to the Tuna Tartare above, but this one is mainly from mango and avocado, mixed with lime juice, onion, jalapeno pepper, and served with crispy chips. The traditional one (Peruvian) normally use raw seafood or fish, that's why here they have three other options to subtitute the Mango Avocado: Sea Bass (90k), Red Snapper (80k), and Salmon (105k). Really love the combination, its just fresh as like having fruit salad.
Our Main Courses
TUNA OVER CRISPY RICE (115K) - Soft creamy tuna, scallion and fish eggs on crunchy rice (like Lontong) with salty soy sauce. Well, we took quite some times to take some photos, so the dish was kinda like cold and firm already. But I believe if its still warm, its gonna be a great dish especially with the crispy texture.
ARROZ CHAUFA (107K) - Peruvian seafood garlic fried rice served with mussels, prawn and topped with sour cream. Don't imagine brown fried rice like in Indonesia, its like a Japanese style sticky rice with slightly sweet and sour cream. For me personally, this is my least favorite dish amongst all. The combination on the plate just didn't blend together.
NAGOYA BOWL (125K) - Smooth marinated unagi on fragrant rice, with optional wasabi, nori, spring onion on the side and bonito soup. You can have the unagi and rice as it is or with the fish stock soup poured over the rice. We tried the mixed one (soup on the rice) and there's a hint of sour flavor I think  its from the soup which gives a very fresh and unique flavor. Portion wise, it's petite for me, so if you're looking for a full-stomach experience, then you have to order another appetizer / side dishes or well maybe another main course? :D
Last but certainly not the least, MILK CHOCOLATE PANNACOTTA (50K). Very smooth milk chocolate pannacotta, vanilla ice cream on top with red and black berries, and super thick chocolate jam on the bottom. Imagine when you
HOUSE MADE SAKE - They literally make their own Sake from the scratch! It was very light actually, and it gives you some lemony flavor (if you squish the Lemon). If you're not really into alcohol, then this is very very fine for you!
Overall, Fat Shogun offers you a very unique dining experience like no others. Some that we tried here were actually our very first time! The three appetizers that we had were undoubtedly amazing. But the main course selections were very limited, so please make sure to find out their menus before coming :)


Menara BTPN - Retail Tower, Rooftop Level,
Jl. Dr. Ide anak agung Gde Agung Kav, 5.5 - 5.6 CBD Mega Kuningan
(Across Ritz Carton Kuningan)

Opening Hours: 11 Am - 12 AM (Friday - Saturday until 2 AM)

RSVP: (021) 22958196



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