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Selasa, 21 Maret 2017


You may call me so yesterday, but the fact that this is my very first time visiting Giyanti Coffee is truely ashamed of me! I was invited so many times by my friends last year but I never really made it here. And I was quite surprised when I came here 18 March 2017 when they already renovated the whole cafe into a brand new Giyanti. I have to admit that this is currently my most favorite coffee shop in Jakarta! It was so comfortable sitting here either alone or with friends sipping some coffee and having some light pastries. I made this post just to share you how beautiful the cafe is! So have look!
The whole area is really spacious, they have 2 separate buildings actually. Below is the outdoor area in-between the two buildings. You can really see mixed activities here from people chit chatting, people doing their works with their own laptop, to people who actually come just to enjoy some coffee.
Inside the yellow door above, there's a small bar and coffee machine.
This is their unique toilet
They have this semi-outdoor area inside the room where you can still enjoy sunlight. It looks like a mixed of children playground and vintage garage.
This is the view from the second floor. It is really cozy, I can imagine sitting here for hours while reading a book or playing with my phone.
Now moving on to the second floor! There are some beautiful art-works along the wall of the stairs.
Our table! The room is in fact very very small and can only cater up to 10 people at a time.
We ordered some coffee and pastry. Mine is Iced Latte (38k nett), Lucy's is Hot Cappucinno (44k) and Beef Pie (48k nett). Both were good, I could imagine coming back here again doing nothing but sipping some coffee!
We finished our coffee and we went down stairs to another room on the corner of the cafe. I came inside and I stood near the door capturing the interior when the staff approached me and asked whether I'm from Media or Personal, because if I was from media then I had to get the permission. Well, I felt offended because I don't think they really need to ask this kind of question. I was alone with my camera, probably my Fujifilm X-T2 looks like a profesional. They asked me politely, but nowadays restaurants even pay influencers to come and promote their restaurants. Unless I brought some models to take some profesional photos, it is still relevant to ask that kind of question. *geleng geleng*
 BONUS Photos :p


Jalan Surabaya No.20, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Opening Hours:
- Tuesday to Saturday: 09:30 - 17:30
- Monday & Sunday: Closed

Ph: 021-31923698 / 081218480012



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