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Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS - The East at Kuningan

Guys, have you heard about the latest cafe/bistro by Rock Paper Scissors? FYI, its still from the same group of Bottega Ristorante and Wilshire! Two restaurants that have a great reputation for serving fine Western cuisines in a very classy European style interior. This time Rock Paper Scissors or I call it RPS is serving a relatively different food genre which is Modern Japanese Cuisines in a very beautiful open space clean & glassy concept. We love being here, especially with the outdoor ambience but still in an airconditioned room. So, get ready for our food review here!
The room is divided into indoor and semi-outdoor area. The picture below is the indoor area which is designed similar to a comfy coffee shop.
While here below is the semi-outdoor area. Its like an all clear glass room with natural lighting during the day. The ground is also designed to look like you are having an outdoor dining.
In Between the indoor and outdoor area, there is a beverage bar serving everything, mainly mocktail and cocktail.
Below are some of the crafted cocktails curated by Nick Lim, top mixologist from Singapore wjo has worked in famous bars abroad in Singapore. The one that I personally tried is the the second picture below with wasabi flavor, its just super refreshing with that spicy wasabi flavor.
The coffee here is crafted by Indonesia's barista champion 2014-2016 and founder of Common Grounds Roastery, Yoshua Tanu. Well, who doesn't love Common Grounds coffee anyway??
FYI, it was a bloggers gathering event and the situation (to be very honest) was very hectic and crowded. I was like so getting headache because the space for us to take photos was very limited like people standing everywhere. So, a lot of food came to the table and got taken away (by others) to another table for photoshoot. And we were not be able to taste all of the food here. We will only review the ones that we tasted.
Crispy Fried Leaves - its too greasy I think.
SPAM DASHITZUKE (75k) - Chicken Spam, Japanese Rice, Dashi, Onsen Tomago, Seaweed, Tobiko. This is the one that really stood out amongst all. Who doesn't like Spam anyway? Squared salty spam mixed together with the soft boiled egg and special secret soup. Perfect for a nice light lunch.
Miso Butter Chicken - I didn't find it on the menu, but I believe its a marinated chicken leg with mashed potato. We got this one slightly dry, but hopefully that only happened during our bloggers gathering, because it was really packed of customers and food kept coming.
KARA-AGE DON (79k) - Fried chicken with Nagoya Special Sauce, Shredded Cabbage and Japanese Rice. At first, I wasn't quite sure if it was chicken or pork belly, but then later the Marketing person confirmed its fried chicken, LOL! Whatever it is, its super gooood! Again, I like it mixed all together to get the perfect creamy messy experience.
LOCO MOCO - Hawaiian dish inspired by Japanese modern food. Too bad I didn't try this.
R.P.S DIRTY BURGER (130K) - Thick burger bun with Foie Chantilly. Oke first of all, it wasn't that attractive when it arrived on my table. Trust me, you'll gonna underestimate it when you see it. I didn't see anything other than just a plain humble bun and fries, you won't understand it because you'll not see the patty. But then, when I lifted the top bun, I finally saw the thick round burger patty hidden inside the bun. So apparently, they scraped the inside of the bun to make a big empty bowl of bun.
MINCED BEEF KATSU SANDWICH (85k) - Minced beef katsu, shredded cabbage, mesclun (mixed salad from green leaves). I honestly didn't really remember the flavor of the patty, but I think there's a hint of sour flavor from the sauce.
STRIPLOIN & TRUFFLE DON (135k) - Striploin Steak, Onsen Egg, Truffle Oil on Japanese Rice. So unfortunate that we didn't try this as well, but it looked so tempting! Anything with truffle oil (almost) never goes wrong.
TUNA POKE BOWL (95K) - Poke Tuna with Avocado, Edamame and Rice in Soy Dressings. Very fresh and light, very nice for a heathy diet.
RICOTTA HOTCAKE (95k) - Homemade Ricotta Hotcake, Berries Compote, with Maple Syrup & Vanilla Ice Cream. I remember the first time I had 'Hotcake' is when I visited Melbourne last year (2016). My friend drove me to Top Paddock, one of the most happening Coffee Shop / Brunch Cafe in Melbourne. I didn't really understand why people call it Hotcake, like there are a lot of cake served warm/ hot, by why is it so called Hotcake???
Anyway, the Hotcake here at RPS was served warm, the texture was pretty soft and comforting in my mouth. The berries compote adds a slightly sour flavor, but perfectly blends together with the sweet chilled vanilla ice cream. MAJOR YUMMM!!! Don't forget to share it with two to three persons, its pretty big though. 
DECONSTRUCTED SHIBUYA TOAST (79k) - Toasted Brioche Bread with Vanilla Butter Sugar, Berries Compote, Honey & Vanilla Ice Cream
Overall, we love the ambience here, its just very relaxing. Thanks to the open space idea. The food here was not bad at all, despite having an unsual creation of Japanese cuisines. Good luck for the business!


The East Tower 1st Floor, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950

Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM - 12 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000

RSVP: (021) 29527101



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