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Rabu, 08 Maret 2017


So, we happened to have a short trip to Bogor on 5th March 2017 with our (bloggers) friends. And we didn't plan much about the trip because its all about having fun. One thing about Bogor is that the average shops / restaurants open at 11 AM. As we arrived earlier, we visited a coffee shop for an hour before heading to our lunch at Pajajaran Tomyum at Jalan Pajajaran Indah. This is quite possibly one of the very few Authentic Thai Restaurants in Bogor. Its very spacious and can cater up to 70-80s people on the first floor, while on the second floor they have two smaller Private rooms. We really enjoyed our lunch here with friends and all the food here have been customized to the taste of Indonesian people. So, lets check it out!
The first floor is a semi open space indoor because they have quite a lot of uncovered windows like the picture below. The green plants even make it more soothing and calming to dine in here.
First thing first, Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee! The two favorite drinks in every Thailand restaurant. We both loved the Thai Iced Tea, its just the perfect thickness and sweetness. While for the Thai Iced Coffee, its kinda too fluid for my liking and the coffee wasn't that intense. So, we both voted for the Thai Iced Tea :)
Thai Iced Coffee
Let's start the food review!
YAM MAMUANG (42K) - the original Thai Mango Salad. Its great that it wasn't really sour because normally Thai Salad is too sour and too firm for my liking. Just a nice fresh starter for the lunch.
JELLY FISH SALAD (48K) - Jelly Fish with sweet and sour dressing, sesame seeds, paprika and cucumber. Sadly didn't try this :(
Going on to the main courses, the signature TOM YUM SEAFOOD (75K) - The seafood version of the original Tom Yum Goong. This is very mild spicy tom yum with milk (not coconut milk) to give a creamier broth. I love tomyum with milk, its just way healthier because we can drink the soup a lot more than when its with coconut milk. The flavor was mildly sour as well probably because the milk gives sweetness to the overall flavor. There are prawn and fish as long as what we saw.
You can also opt for the chicken one if you don't eat seafood: TOM YUM GAI (72K) - Tom Yum soup with free ranged chicken (ayam kampung).
STIR-FRIED BABY BEAN WITH SALTED EGG (39k) - OMG this was really really good, anything with salted egg will always be our favorite. The fried bean was not crispy anyway because the salted egg was very wet. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it!
SAUTEED EGGPLANT WITH SZECHUAN SAUCE (39K) - well I guess the name has explained everything! Its delicious though!
HOT PLATE BEEF (75K) - cubed tender beef in a sizzling hot plate, very juicy and moist. Its slightly sweet and garlicky. Very YUMMM!!! The texture was kind of like wagyu beef, but for a way lower price than in average restaurant. Great job!
Another beef dish, GRILLED BEEF (not sure whats the name on the menu). This is a recommendation by the restaurant and true, its very very good! Thinly sliced beef in a sweet marinated sauce. Just a perfect beef dish. Couldn't ask for more. Oh btw, they have a side sauce that I didn't try sadly. I believe its sweet and sour clear sauce with garlic.
WRAPPED CHICKEN IN PANDA LEAVES (55K) - who doesn't like this, raise your hand! This is one of the most favorite thai dishes in most Thai restaurants. Fragrant herbed fried chicken in pandan leaf. Its sweet, its slightly salty, its very moist and its perfect with warm rice. I imagined if its spicy, its gonna be superb!
DEEP FRIED GAROUPA WITH MANGO (135K) - Well, its pretty obvious that this is a crispy fried garoupa (ikan kerapu) with spicy mango sauce. I love it when its super hot and crispy, you know that crunchy texture right! This actually reminds me of Gurame Asam Manis, they both share the same basic ingredients in common. But this Garoupa is topped with fresh shredded mango for a fresh slightly sour flavor.
Last but not the least, PAD THAI GOONG (42K) - One of the best selling dishes when it comes to Thai cuisines. When we went to Bangkok last year 2016, we spent a lot of time hunting for some street style Pad Thai because its just simply humble yet delicious. I have to be very honest that this one was a little bit bland for my liking. A little more seasonings would be better. But the good thing is this one was not greasy at all.
For the #swettooth options, you can try this 3 desserts: Fresh Cut Fruits, Sticky Rice and Cassava with Durian Creamy Sauce, or Artificial Fruits Onde. I personally love the super moist and smooth steamed cassava with the durian sauce. The durian flavor was not that intense, so I could still enjoy the original flavor of the casava. Oh Btw, for every dining here you'll get a glass of fruit mocktail, very refreshing!


Jalan Pajajaran Indah Raya, No.9, Baranangsiang, Bogor Timur, Jawa Barat 16143

Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

Average Spending for two: IDR 350.000

RSVP: (0251) 8318550



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