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Senin, 13 Maret 2017

All New ASIA RESTAURANT - Ritz Carlton Kuningan

Let me introduce you to The All New Asia Restaurant 2017 at Ritz Carlton Kuningan! Asia Restaurant has been one of my most visited buffet restaurant in a 5 star hotel for the past few years. Even more than buffet shabu shabu in a shopping mall, I know you won't believe me! But, Asia often offers you a very great deal for lunch or dinner. Last time I visited Asia was December 2016 when my nephew celebrated his 3rd birthday. It was still the old Asia Restaurant back then and now, I was stunned by the massive changes of the interior. The pictures above clearly show what I mean. Let's check it out more!
The new Asia has this distinctive particle wall on the right side of the room (if you come from the entrance). It used to be no wall watsoever. So, this fresh new look really shows a big change to the restaurant.
They now have these big round sofas inside the particle wall, just to give you a little more privacy.
Every section of the food here has changed quite significantly! They now name every station here, such as the one below: Traditionals. Its a Indonesian corner actually and I got their favorite Bakso Kuah or Meatball Soup! Its in fact really really good despite looking humble and classic. The soup was super tasty and savory, but they said they put no MSG for the broth. So its great to have the same exact flavor as from the street but from premium ingredients.
Noodles Station which I apparently didn't try. But I heard they currently offer you 4 different kinds of soup: beef, chicken, vegetarian, laksa.
Anyway, the first station closest to the entrance is Sushi Station! I personally not a fan of sushi, while Lucy loves sushi & sashimi. I have to admit the sushi selections are very different from the last time I visited here. I mean look at the colors: orange, pink, green! The orange one looks like Pokemon :)
SALAD SALAD! Its the brand new Salad station. I adored the plating, the full colors, and the new arrangement. It just looks very fresh and vibrant.
This below is the ready to eat section, mostly Indonesian food: chicken, beef, fish, rice, you name it!
This below is the satay corner, sorry for the dark picture.
One station not to miss: HAINANESE CHICKEN! I don't know why my (blogger) friends always praise for their Hainanese Chicken, like its the best part of the restaurant. Because when I come to a 5 star restaurant, I will always look for their premium food like steak, fish, chicken, either grilled, fried, stir-fried, etc. But then, well its true, the Hainanese chicken was really good. Its the right savoriness on the chicken and the fragrant rice that make them very popular. Not to mention, the perfect sambal! Its definitely a MUST TRY dish!
This is the new DUCK BURGER on grilling station. They used to have some cray fish (mini lobster) here but now they change it into burger. Well, I really really love this burger, its just classic but super tasty. They pre-cooked the duck and when we order it, they will pan-fry the bun. The mayo flavor somehow different, but really good!
On the right part of the station, they have this meat selections: fish, chicken, beef. I didn't try them though, but it must be great.
Well there are still a few stations that I didn't capture such as dimsum, roasted beef, and a few that I didn't notice. But the one that caught my attention is this all new dessert station! Currently, its smaller than the previous one, because part of the old dessert area will be used for a secret new project. Nevertheless, the cakes now are more vibrant and more modern, some are made individually on the glass. I personally loved every single one of them, not to mention their ice cream and sorbet with optional toppings. Macarons are also available in 3 different flavors!
They also have a few whole cakes that you can slice however you want. My personal favorite are the cendol cake and the orange cake. They both were very smooth and creamy. I could imagine having them for my birthday cake :p
 These are the macaroons
On the back of the dessert station, they have a few selections of ice cream/ sorbet. The strawberry sorbet was unbeliably delicious! The toppings are optional, dried fruits, choco chips, almonds, etc.
Our table looked like this!!! Anyway, following the room and food improvement, they also 'improve' the pricing for the buffet. But you can also catch their latest Credit Card promotion by following their Instagram account or check out their official website.
Breakfast: IDR 238.000++
Lunch: IDR 318.000++
Dinner: IDR 348.000++
Weekend Dinner: IDR 428.000++
Sunday Brunch: IDR 428.000++


The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan GF, South Jakarta

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:30 (everyday)

RSVP: 021-25518888



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